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Welcome to Fenny Development - a one-stop shop for your Design & Web Development needs!

We Help Your Brands To Connect & Grow

You need a portfolio website, a complex web application, eCommerse site, integrated tool or any of the services we offer – our team of experienced developers, designers and support engineers will deliver it to you! We strive for perfection and we value the time of our partners, providing only high quality services in a timely manner.

Choose among our services or those of our partners from Fenny Solutions and get 100% satisfaction.


Our Creative process


Our goal is to collect information that is relevant to your project. Every single detail is looked upon and discussed thoughtfully before we go forth with its implmentation.


Our next step is to implement the content into a fully responsive website, which is optimized and easy to manage by our customers.


Our websites go through a vigorous QA process to ensure the highest standards are met, before it's uploaded to our Secure Cloud Hosting.

Techs we use

  • Laravel

    Laravel is the main technology we use and a passion of ours as well! A formidable MVC framework, combining the power of Symphony with Rails-like structure. Laravel is surely the sharpest tool for web artisans, providing an unlimited set of options and patterns to achieve any goal.

  • Angular

    Agile and innovative, Angular JS is an excellent choice if you're looking for a swift development and awesome performance.

  • Bootstrap

    Bootstrap is Front-End framework for designing websites and web applications. In general, we put it in a good use in order to dress up our web masterpieces.

  • Wordpress

    The most popular web technology ever created! If you prefer to have full control of your website, we will gladly provide design options, host it for you and give your web admin credentials, so there will be no need for a developer in order to make small changes.

  • E-commerce

    Have your Online Store right now! Let your customers buy your goods or services in a beautiful, easy-to-use virtual marketplace and leave the heavy-lifting to us. Don't worry about your Marketing, Support or Data Entry, we can do it for you as well!

  • MySQL

    MySQL is an relational database management system, which stores and protects your data, keeping it ready to display once needed or well concealed, when necessary.

  • Python

    Python is our language by choice for all non-web operations. Everything that has to do with the back-end, behind the scenes development magic, is done with it and it will work like a charm!

  • Puppet

    You've all heard of the concept of servers, right? And it all sounds like an immense pain to maintain, configure and program? Well, Puppet is the orchestra director who helps us with this heavy virtual machinery.

  • Linux

    We all know Tux the penguin. He helps us out with our hosting, you know.