Virtual Receptionist

With our live virtual receptionist service, you will have a custom solution for your front desk and you won’t have to spend time and money to hire and train on-site staff. Your calls will be answered by our friendly, courteous, and professional virtual receptionists with your company specific greeting just like as you have an inhouse receptionist. Be sure that your valuable customers will get the care and attention they deserve.

Virtual Receptionist

Data Entry

Whether you run an e-commerce store, or you have business with hundreds of records to digitize and manually enter, Call Fenny offers you excellent professional services and support, with its accurate data entry services. With our well-trained, data entry experts, we can guarantee over 99% accuracy in data entry. Let us help you achieve significant cost and time-savings.

data entry

Technical Support

CallFenny provides fully managed IT services to business clients. Regardless of the complexity our Tier I, II, and III technical support agents can provide quick and efficient solution to all your technical issues. We understand that every business is different and it has different needs - this is why we always provide customized approaches. Please contact us to get more information for the full range of our services.

Transcribe Messages to SMS or Email

System & App Monitoring

With our System Monitoring Services you can evaluate the performance of your infrastructure and all its’ components individually, weather they operate in a single or in a distributed environment. You can achieve efficient resource utilization and ensure highest uptimes. Get new levels of reliability, scalability and flexibility.

apps monitoring

Fenny Live Chat

With Fenny Live Chat your customers don’t have to spend time searching for contact details or email addresses.They simply land on your website and launch a session. Benefits from using it are many - increasing your sales, reduce expenses and improve your customer service and loyalty.


Manage your customer on every channel

CallFenny supports all channels for customer service: Email, Phone Call, Facebook Message, SMS, Live Chat, etc. Your customers would be able to reach you everywhere and anytime! The same is applicable if you need to contact us.